Task Force Meeting times are as follows:

Public Education

4/7/14 at 7:00pm

Juwonio School 

Food Access

3/12/14 at  7:00pm  

Temple Concord


3/18/14 @ 5:15pm

Jail Ministry

 (208 Slocum Avenue)

Launching a New Era of Responsibility

ACTS 2013 Annual Spring Banquet Pictures

To view additional pictures of our event, please click on the "Event" tab at the top of our page.

We continue to deliver our new Social Justice Leadership workshops. Thanks to Plymouth Church for assembling a great group which completed the training. 

The workshop explores important questions such as “What is the difference between charity and justice?” and “How can I better prepare myself and others to carry out the work of service and advocacy?”  Participants will learn basic concepts helpful to their “ministry” and enhanced skills for building relationships.

The goal of the training is provide practical tools to participants that will be put to use in strengthening their own congregations and organizations, and enhancing their involvement in ACTS. Please contact Mark Cass to register for this training or for more information about hosting or attending a future workshop. He can be reached at acts.cny@gmail.com or by phone at 315 708-2482.

Actions & Events 

The ACTS Clergy Caucus had its last caucus meeting of 2013. Please check back periodically for next year's schedule!

"A Celebration of the life of Nelson Mandela" 

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